We stopped by there just by chance to look at see, What kind of meats they had and ended up having the best sandwich ever that they made right there before us. I would definitely go back there. It was clean the people were really friendly and very helpful.

Terri Krajnak

I love Norms they have a great deli. Lots of jerky selections as well as sea foods,fresh produce,baked goods. Also your everyday things. They sell alcohol and have a great selection of that.

Crystal Emery

Was on road-trip, and got two recommendations by locals to try out Norm's. Busy market. A little chaotic, but I still got what I needed. Bring a cooler with ice because you will fill the whole thing!


I never really liked pork chops until I started buying them at Norm's. Friendly, helpful staff &quality place to grab supplies for a great dinner! I love their burger, roasts &steak. This is the only place I've seen in the area where you can get a large selection of meats such as Elk and buffalo. Pretty nice variety of fish as well.

Sarah Bradford

The absolute best meat counter ever!!! Got a porterhouse. It was over an inch thick and large enough that hubby and I shared it with enough left over to shave into a steak sandwich the next day. And I cant remember the last time I could cut my steak with a fork! Deserves more than 5 stars. All their meat looked high quality

Sheree Secord

Great smoked meats here, wide variety of groceries and an excellent meat counter. Don't forget about the chicken dinners on Sunday, they are the best! If your in the area you have to stop, you will not be disappointed!

Andy Mirling